Functies Current version 2.7 Download link
ID Naam parameters parameter info werking
1 checkWords( ) $input,$words input needs to be string, words need to be array containing only strings checks the words of the input in the words array, returns the closest word
2 cleanInput( ) $input any input Cleans a lot of irritating things out the parameter, things like: xss and ubb hacks
3 getDistanceBetweenPointsNew( ) $latitude1, $longitude1, $latitude2, $longitude2, $MorK all expected to be coordinates, MorK is optional(1 = output in meters, 2 = output in kilometers) Calculates the distance between 2 points, outputs kilometers
4 getRealIPAddress( ) -- -- Returns real ip adress
5 emailCheck( ) $email must be string Returns true if email is valid emailadress
6 secsToStr( ) $secs secs needs to be number returns an tring from any amount of seconds
example: secsToStr(1234567) would return 14 days, 6 hours, 56 minutes, 7 seconds
7 scrammbleArray( ) $array $array must be array returns the given array in a random order
8 is_decimal( ) $val $val needs to be integer or double returns true if $val has any decimals
9 is_notdecimal( ) $val $val needs to be integer or double returns true if $val has no decimals
10 generate_color( ) -- -- generates a random html color in the format hexadecimal
11 MakeUnique( ) $length $length must be double or integer wil return a unique code with the given length default is 16
12 error( ) $message $message must be string logs the given error with javascript
13 class DocxConversion -- -- use like:
$docObj = new DocxConversion("test.xlsx");
echo $docText= $docObj->convertToText();
it will return raw text